Church Partner Application

Church Partner Application

The SWGP is a Partnership of churches and individuals in agreement with the Doctrinal Basis who commit to actively pursuing the Aims of the SWGP together.

Church Partnership is for churches located in the South West of England only.

By completing an application, you as the nominated representative are, on behalf of the church applying, agreeing both to the Partnership Declaration and the Financial Commitment outlined below.

Applications are considered by the SWGP Steering Committee on a quarterly basis. Once approved you will be notified by email and a link placed on our Church Partners map on the website. Every year we contact Church Partners to keep contact details up to date and to confirm their continued assent to the Partnership Declaration and the Financial Commitment.

Nominated Representative

This is who we will contact in the first instance about Church Partner matters

Church Information

Information about your church

The definition of "church member" varies in different church contexts, so rather than necessarily referring to an official list like a Membership or Electoral Roll, we suggest you use whatever measure you normally do to estimate the number of committed, serving members of your fellowship.

Partnership Declaration and Financial Commitment

Financial commitment

Churches are asked to contribute an annual donation to the finances of the SWGP equivalent to £8 per church member. So for a church with 100 members the annual suggested donation would be £800. The definition of "church member" is as explained above.

Partnership Declaration

The Church leadership:

  1. is in agreement with the SWGP Basis of Faith;
  2. is in sympathy with the values and aims of the Partnership, as expressed in the Gospel Partnerships Doctrinal Basis and the Working Basis for Gospel Partnerships (which the Trustees approve annually);
  3. undertakes on behalf of the Church (should this application be accepted) to fulfil the Partnership Commitment, which is to:
    • work together with other Partnership churches in furthering the Partnership’s aims
    • send a representative to each Partnership Meeting, or send apologies
    • pray for the work of the Partnership
    • sign this declaration annually
    • contribute at least annually to the finances of the Partnership (guideline figures outlined below)
  4. agrees to these details being stored on computer and shared within the Gospel Partnership